Custom Frames

Add value to your artwork by choosing custom frames to fit your space. The decoration of your home is something very personal and a good frame is the perfect complement.

Natural wood, lacquered, aluminum… Classic, modern, prefabricated or handcrafted, we have the frame you are looking for.

Styles and options

Marcos de madera a medida en Barcelona Eixample
Marcos de aluminio y metalicos a medida en Barcelona Eixample
Marcos clásicos y barrocos a medida en Barcelona Eixample
Tailor-made mirrors
Marcos en policromía a medida en Barcelona Eixample
Marcos a medida para objetos en Barcelona Eixample

Each framing is made in our framing workshop in Barcelona, Eixample where we take care of every detail in an artisanal way.

Your frame will be unique: you will be able to choose the ideal type and style of framing for your artwork, taking into account its relationship with the furniture and interior design of your home.

Choose a custom frame in natural wood, lacquered wood, a frame for a mirror or an American box mount. We have the ideal frame for your work.

Latest framings

Einstein POP

We find the portrait of this Pop Einstein floating on a black background. We have used a black lacquered frame with a very deep profile, which, together with the museum glass, offers an almost scenographic view of the work thanks to its transparency and sharpness.

David Hockney

From the TATE comes this wonderful foulard by David Hockney printed on silk. The explosion of color in this Bigger Splash (1967) looks fantastic floating in this oak frame. Do you like how Pop Art is integrated in our space? Frame your artwork with us.

Flower Nymphs

It’s Spring already and we have framed it with one of our top frames: the black lacquered American box with gold trim. This is the ideal frame for these eye-catching portraits. The floating mount with black background makes these colorful/floristic nymphs from Sardinia, levitate.

The power of the XXL format

Imagine walking into a room and being greeted by an explosion of color. We believe that the frame not only serves to protect the work, but is also an extension of it. The black lacquered wood frame enhances and frames the work, bringing elegance and highlighting the intensity of the blue.

Our favorite assembly par excellence!

Frames an oil on canvas in an American box. Our favorite assembly par excellence! The work is still floating when inside a frame. In this case, we have chosen a black lacquered wood to contrast and highlight even more the luminosity of the work.

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