Latest framings

Einstein POP

We find the portrait of this Pop Einstein floating on a black background. We have used a black lacquered frame with a very deep profile, which, together with the museum glass, offers an almost scenographic view of the work thanks to its transparency and sharpness.

David Hockney

From the TATE comes this wonderful foulard by David Hockney printed on silk. The explosion of color in this Bigger Splash (1967) looks fantastic floating in this oak frame. Do you like how Pop Art is integrated in our space? Frame your artwork with us.

Flower Nymphs

It’s Spring already and we have framed it with one of our top frames: the black lacquered American box with gold trim. This is the ideal frame for these eye-catching portraits. The floating mount with black background makes these colorful/floristic nymphs from Sardinia, levitate.

The power of the XXL format

Imagine walking into a room and being greeted by an explosion of color. We believe that the frame not only serves to protect the work, but is also an extension of it. The black lacquered wood frame enhances and frames the work, bringing elegance and highlighting the intensity of the blue.

Our favorite assembly par excellence!

Frames an oil on canvas in an American box. Our favorite assembly par excellence! The work is still floating when inside a frame. In this case, we have chosen a black lacquered wood to contrast and highlight even more the luminosity of the work.

Frame your memories

Framing an XXL wrench with a lot of history.The objects are full of memories, stories and memories. Frame your special object, at The Workshop we put no limits to your imagination! Come and tell us your idea, we will frame it! By putting an object in a showcase, we turn it into a work of art. In this case, the black lacquered trim enhances the metal of the tool and the white background, making it stand out and seem to come out of the frame.

Framing beauty: the art of choosing the perfect frame for each artwork

In our framing workshop in Barcelona we help you find the perfect frame for your artwork. We know that the right frame can enhance the beauty of a work and make it stand out even more. In the photo we present today, we can appreciate a picture with a frame made by us. This slanted, white lacquered frame is understated, allowing the true star of the piece, a vibrant red strawberry, to be the center of attention. This is a perfect example of how the right frame can highlight the important details of a work. In our workshop, we work

All in black!

Black is a color that is always in fashion, we could define it as a timeless classic. The black lacquered frames bring a sense of depth and definition to any piece, making the colors of the artwork stand out even more. In this case, the abstract paintings are a work of art that by themselves attract attention and with this black molding they reinforce their energy and make them stand out more. This is a good example of how a good choice of frame can enhance the beauty and intensity of a work of art.

Floating and non-glass framing

If your work does not require glass, we propose a floating assembly with a natural wood American box. If you want to frame a frame or a rigid board (foam or wood), this is a very good option to make a mounting without glass. The result is elegant and subtle. You can choose between solid oak or beech wood or a lacquered finish. At marcs The Workshop we have finished the year framing this spectacular photograph of a landscape that looks like snow. The reality behind this image is the eruption of the La Palma volcano 🌋👀.

Turn your object into a work of art

Some objects are so beautiful that when framed, they become works of art.In this case, we have framed a 19th century saber with a classic brown molding with gold trim. The green background helps the object stand out and also its floral pattern is very similar to that of the molding.We love how this green contrasts with the metallic tones of the saber.If your object is fragile, choose a glass display case to protect it from light and dust.Frame travel souvenirs, wedding favors, medals or T-shirts. We always have a special object worthy of being framed.Come and see us and

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